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Final Defense Saroj Dangi

Congratulations to Dr. Saroj Dangi for defending his dissertation Nanoplumbing for a Single Molecule Study of DNA prepared under the direction of Dr. Riehn.

New Paper by Dr. Movahed

Dr. Movahed published a paper that reports the first observation of confinement-induced diffusophoresis of DNA in a new article in Nanotechnology.

Congrats to Scott Lindauer

Congratulations to Scott Lindauer who defended his PhD thesis titled “Flow-Stabilized Solids: From Colloids to Bacteria”. The dissertation was co-advised by Dr. Daniels.

Saroj Dangi Presents at March APS

Graduate Student Saroj Dangi presented his talk “Fast combinatorial nanofluidic device for the dynamic study of biomolecular interactions” at the March meeting of the American...

New Paper by Saroj Dangi

Saroj Dangi published a paper that explores biased random walks of DAN in nanolandscapes. Read more here