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New Paper by Saroj Dangi

Saroj Dangi published a paper that explores biased random walks of DAN in nanolandscapes. Read more here

Carolina Biophysics Symposium, Oct 25-26

The 11th Carolina Biophysics Symposium will be on October 25th and 26th, 2018 at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC. ┬áThis year’s meeting will...

Paper by Drs. Riehn, Weninger, and Lim

Graduate Student Maedeh Roushan authored a publication in Scientific Reports that reports the discovery of Motor-like DNA motion due to an ATP-hydrolyzing protein under nanoconfinement

Paper by Drs. Lim, Hallen, Riehn

Graduate student Ling Li published a paper in Biophysical Journal that reports DNA Methylation Detection Using Resonance and Nanobowtie-Antenna-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy.

New NIH R01 to Drs. Wang and Riehn

Drs. Wang and Riehn were awarded research support for their project SEQUENCE AND STRUCTURE SPECIFIC DNA BINDING BY COHESIN AND GENOME STABILITY. In it, they...